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Use food like fuel to have more stamina and energy. Find out how to fuel your power plant the way an engineer and trainer explains it. We're in this together my friend.

Shelly K.



 Stamina Is Your Competitive Edge ~ at Work, Home and in Life
Leverage FOOD LIKE FUEL and Eat for Better Stamina, Strength and Fat Management

"What Should I Eat? ...hhhmm..."

Busy jumping hurdles or taking care of the one who does?

You can have more stamina and energy every day and finally know the answer every time you say "what should I eat?" Imagine knowing how it feels to get all of your goals faster.  Make Stamina! your competitive edge at work, home and in life.

If I can show you a simple way to have more stamina and energy, reverse your opinion about what you "need" to eat, and make it happen quickly...would you be interested in hearing more about it?

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 Stamina! Is Your Competitive Edge ~ at Work, Home and in Life
Leverage Food Like Fuel to Better Stamina and Energy

If there was a revolutionary way to think about food as a fuel mix, and you could have more energy and stamina, wouldn't you want to know what it is? Many people have engaged me for private coaching sessions. To determine if we're a good coaching match email me at shellyk@dietsaredone.com or click here to take advantage of a personalized "Stamina-Focused"  Discovery Session. It's complimentary and we talk about you.

Here's why so many professionals struggle...

The demands of being on top of your game in every situation, flying in on the red eye, training and selling in 4 cities every 2 weeks, becoming a sales chameleon to match your clients and prospects, certainly takes it's toll. What if you could know how to optimize and leverage what you eat to have more energy and less fat everyday? What if you could find a way to make it work everywhere you eat? What if you could see it working in your very next meal? What if there is a better way to think about leveraging what you eat to get what you want?

Having coached so many people, what professionals
told me they really want to know is:

  • How to have more stamina and energy every day

  • How to keep their focus adapting their sales focus with each client

  • What to order off the menu

  • What to buy at the grocery store

  • Why they feel sluggish after lunch and how to avoid it

  • How to avoid that 4 o'clock sinking spell or what to get at the snack bar or candy

  • What to eat in airports and hotels

  • How to feast through the holidays and minimizing new weight gain

  • What to eat at fast food joints, convenience stores and the snack bar

  • How to get better sleep

Do you feel like you're on the verge of exhaustion as you juggle all the details of your professional and personal life? Are you recovering from a health condition? Vegan? Vegetarian? Carnivore?

Would you love to feel happy, full and satisfied everywhere you eat so you can create the energy and stamina you want?

You're probably asking yourself how is it possible to eat what you want without gaining weight and how to have more energy and stamina eating what you're already eating?

The secret lies in your optimal fuel mix...when you eat your optimal fuel mix your body thrives with more energy and less fat, and you can bounce up the stairs like your tires are perfectly full. But when you don't eat your optimal fuel mix it's like your tires are half empty, your metabolism and personality aren't fed and everything cascades back to avoiding, guessing, and will power.

You can have every favorite food in front you you, but if you haven't discovered your optimal fuel mix, you can't know the answer to "what should I eat." You need a guide to help you find your optimal fuel mix and clear away the things that don't serve you.

How I help you have more energy and stamina so quickly... There is a system here.

Food is Fuel

You'll get the answers you need, to get what you really want from your body. Strength, stamina, energy, happiness, focus, productivity, better blood sugar, better sleep, weight management, recovering from surgery or illness. Once you see the missing piece of the puzzle you'll see why giving your body what it needs means getting what you want. This alone the most important part and empowers my clients to make better decisions for themselves. Can you imagine eating at fast food joints, buffets, 5 star restaurants and holiday feasts without feeling sluggish, sleepy, grumpy or fat?

  • First we complete Your Personal Energy Profile to identify Your Optimum Fuel Mix (OFM) using a Doctor Developed and Clinically Proven System. This is the most important place to begin.
  • Secondly, we upgrade your existing Skill Set in order to show you how to manipulate what you like to eat to have more Energy to Fuel Your Fire.
  • Most of the Time, we will be using the OFM Technique to permanently remove the “guessing” and “will-power game” so that you can always answer the question “what should I eat” both today and for years to come.
  • Once Your Energy, Stamina and Decision-Making are Restored, you will have a strong fail-safe system to make the right decisions at work, at home and on the road. Once you fully understand this technique you will experience the freedom of a system that makes food serve you, so that you can focus on the other things that deeply matter to you.
  • You Shall See Better Results, after every meal, every snack and everywhere you eat. When you catch your reflection you will like what you see.
  • With the Vast Experience I have gained as a Power Plant Engineer coupled with the excellent trainer my mother taught me to be and the continuing knowledge I’ve learned from helping hundreds of people help themselves, I know without doubt that I can help you too.

We'll create a Specific Strategy and Plan that fits your lifestyle, leverages your environment and guides you through the inevitable obstacles, stinkin' thinkin', and misinformation that have sabotaged you in the past. You'll have the resources specific to your individual goals and environment!

We celebrate every decision and milestone along the way because I move with you through every one of them. And like any good engineering system ever made, there's a built in feedback loop to know our next adjustment to make your results get better with every bite.

Once you feel happy, energized and in control, imagine how easy it will be for you to make your body thrive and get your other goals faster too.

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Shelly taught me to know the best thing I could eat whatever is on the menu. Being on the road eating at convenience stores and hotels, she showed me how easy it is to get my optimal fuel mix. I started sleeping better the first week we started working together. 

Wade M.,
Advertising Sales


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I had Shelly work with me and my daughter who is in 8th grade. Shelly worked with me and my 8th grade daughter on Monday after school. I was fascinated by surprised to see what my daughter's optimal fuel mix. But by Thursday morning morning my daughter said she needed suspenders because all of her shorts were falling off. The answers were surprising but they made absolute sense. The answer was clear and proved itself quickly.

Irsha S.,
Teacher and Mother

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In my office there are always snacks and the a/c is too cold. Shelly worked with me to accommodate my office requirements and help me manage the day so I'm not distracted with food or with the room being too cold. Now I have more focus and know what to eat out at lunch, and at home with my kids and husband.

Sarah J., Commercial
Real Estate Sales

Chances are your tires are only half full.
What do you think?


Are Your Tires Perfectly Full?

When your tires are perfectly full you bounce over curbs and pebbles and your tires last for years. This is how you feel on your optimal fuel mix.


Tires only half full?

When your tires are only half full your ride shakes and wobbles because the tires can't support your weight, and the rims are permanently bent by the end of the day.

Your body deserves to know the best information available today.

I'm Shelly Kochhar (Coach'r), MSE, and as a former power plant engineer my job was to get more energy and less waste from the majority of the power plants in Texas. The answer always came back to manipulating and leveraging the fuel mix. Each one is unique but the formula for finding it is always the same. Since the body is a power plant it can thrive with more energy and less fat by knowing how to manipulate and leverage your optimal fuel mix. It's as unique as your personality. Each one is unique but the formula is doctor developed and clinically proven. I added what all good engineers do, put a system around it that's easy to carry with you with a built-in feedback loop so you can see your results with every meal.

Many people have engaged me for private coaching sessions. To determine if we're a good coaching match email me at shellyk@dietsaredone.com or click here to take advantage of a personalized "Stamina-Focused"  Discovery Session.  It's complimentary and we talk about you. It's time to understand food like fuel so you can make it serve you!

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Let's make your energy soar!
(powerful, insightful, invaluable)

"You know how professionals want to get ahead easier and faster? I show them how to use food like fuel to make it happen. From fast food joints to holiday feasts, at Work, Home and in Life, Stamina! Is Your Competitive Edge."
- Shelly Kochhar

In this session we will accomplish 3 things:

1. Clarify your vision for what you really really want food to do for you in your work and life everyday

2. Determine what is the KEY thing holding you back from having more energy from what you like to eat. (HINT: it's probably not what you think)

3. Identify the skill set to stop the guessing and take control so you create more energy and less fat with every meal

Take advantage of this powerful, insightful and complimentary session. The sooner I receive your answers the more likely I can guarantee you a personal, private, session.

I look forward to 'eating' with you soon,

Shelly K.
Eating Coach, Trainer, Power Plant Engineer

ps. When you see the body as a power plant, you know why the "Stamina-Focused" Discovery Session is so important and makes sense.

Think About It A Better Way

What do you want food to do for you?

What do you want your body to do for you?

We Value and Respect Your Privacy

About Shelly Kochhar (Coach'r), MSE
Eating Coach, Trainer, Power Plant Engineer


You know how sales professionals want to get ahead faster and more efficiently?
I show them how to use food like fuel to make it happen.​ ​From fast food joints to holiday feasts, at Work, Home and Life Stamina! Is Your Competitive Edge and Your Optimal FUEL MIX is as Unique as Your Personality

I am at my best helping professionals extend their skill set to overcome  fatigue, stress, guessing, worrying, willpower and misinformation. Having dealt with similar issues myself, it's so great to be able to empower people who want to work smarter and see their confidence rise  and their life styles become richer as they make better decisions. I live in the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, Texas and have traveled through the country as a corporate and professional trainer. Since I traveled alone I stayed close to the hotel or the office and never ventured far away and this limited my eating and exercise options...so I became more sluggish and fat throughout the years. Now,

Shelly here

"You know every professional I've ever talked to wants more energy and stamina. The best system to get what you want is to give your body what it needs. Based on doctor developed and clinically proven information, I added what a good engineer and trainer does - put a system around it that's easy to teach and easy to make your own."

I'm a sales professional, road warrior, corporate trainer and coach, and I work with people who want to find ways to make better decisions. As an eating coach you and I use a doctor developed and clinically proven system for making eating decisions, designed to help you get what you want from food everywhere your lifestyle eats. Because I can't do it with will power or guessing, I found an easy way to get it right and get it done. In fact the more you do it the easier it gets.

I've been a trainer and private coach for a number of years and what people are telling me they really want is: more energy, better stamina, better sex life, and more clarity. They want to manage fat and function better eating what they want and just can't be bothered with will power, guessing, starving or avoiding. I see the body as a power plant that thrives on it's optimal fuel mix and found out science had already researched and proven it. The information is spread out in a hundred publications so I did what all good engineers do - put a system around it that easy to teach and easy to use everywhere my clients eat. We've seen how easily everything in their lives is uplifted when they know how to make the food they eat serve them and what they need and want.

Having researched, studied and applied using food like fuel for the body is something I've done for more than 7 years. During this time many people have been drawn to me and asked for my support. Enough people have approached me that I decided quite some time ago to dedicate myself to helping a lot of people overcome this problem of guessing and avoiding, and being able to know how easy it is to have better stamina, energy, and fat management every day. I teach people why diets are sooo done and what really works. So if you're looking to get a crystal clear solution to solve what's missing in supporting you body so it supports you, I am offering a limited number of personalized Stamina-Focused Discovery Sessions. It's worth finding out if I can support you.

You and I are probably a lot alike, except for maybe what we studied in college. For me, it started with my Master's Degree in Engineering from the University of Texas and working at the City of Austin Electric Utility where my job was to get the best energy out of each power plant in the state. Turns out each power plant has it's own unique optimal fuel mix, the unique formula that made it thrive with more energy and less waste. And once you understand there is an optimal fuel mix that makes your power plant thrive, you'll see exactly what athletes and models already know...how to use food to get what you want.

You can take advantage of the engineering degrees my father paid for, and the excellent trainer my mother made me...start with the complimentary and personalized Stamina-Focused Discovery Session. Many people have engaged me for private coaching sessions. To determine if we're a good coaching match, email me at shellyk@dietsaredone.com or click here.

STAMINA! Is Your Competitive Edge at Work, Home and in Life
Learn How to Leverage Food to Support Yours
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