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Employee Workshop, Breakout Session, Spouse's Program - ideal for employees, staff and families

>>Personal Energy Management is all the Rage<<

Trackable ROI through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
You can teach self-management and how to promote individual stamina, strength and decision-making

With as much as 50% of after-tax profits going toward health care costs, employers have to be proactive to have a chance of beating health insurance claim projections for your area. You can impact your bottom line by showing your people how to take better care of themselves. Bottom line - the company gets more focused and better rested people with better health.

Each person discovers their Personal Energy Profile and their Optimal Fuel Mix that makes their metabolism thrive. Then they customize their system for making decisions guaranteed to show them how to:

  • Have more energy and less fat
  • Eat to sleep better
  • Feed your muscles, bones and blood sugar
  • Eat at fast food joints and convenience stores, holiday feasts, snacks and desserts
  • Eat at the vending machine
  • Avoid that 4 o'clock sinking spell
  • Eat to clear out seasonal allergies
  • Eat for better fat management
  • Eat to promote your natural stamina!
  • What their metabolism wants to eat for fuel
  • How to find their optimal fuel mix all year around like from fast food joints to holiday feasts, buffets, office grazing, late night snacking and desserts
  • Vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore, this system for making decisions work for everyone
  • Influence your body to look good
  • Satisfy your cravings and taste buds
  • Have more energy everyday
  • Make food serve you for a lifetime and fit into your lifestyle
  • And so much more!
With Make Food Behave - there is finally system and a very specific and measurable way to improve employee: 
1) Focus       2) Energy       3) Fat Management
4) Out-of-pocket expenses     5) Mutual Success
6) STAMINA!        7) Self-Management

This program is perfect for

    • Executive Assistants- responsible for others
    • Executives - fast food or lavish hotels...
    • Call Center Professionals - drained in every call
    • Professional Salesman - adapting and keeping up
    • Road Warriors - eating on the road, sitting around
    • Programmers - warm, cave-dwellers
    • Engineers - creating systems with feedback loops
    • Employees - and their families

As a pilot Program, corporate event, breakout session, wellness package, kick-off meeting, spouse's program, sorority reunion and all events that would like a program focused on your people and the recognizable impact and power of putting this system in their hands. 

This program adapts to your format and is ideal for a breakout session or a company wide program with ongoing support and assistance for 6 months included for each participant in the workshop.  Call or email to discuss the needs of your organization and audience:, or complete the form below to reach me. You are my next immediate priority.

This is an excellent gift on National Administrative Professionals Day and National Executive Assistants Day.

You can see results as soon as your very next meal

Making food serve our metabolism isn't a fad but it is all the rage! 

Successful people get that way because they use systems that work. It's easy to get what you want from your body by giving your body what it wants. Empower people with the right information that has a proven system that works and you can track improvements in health, satisfaction, reduced sick days and out-of-pocket expenses.

When your people see results as soon as their very next meal, they’ll come back to 'thank-you' and with 'compliments to you' for finding the answer. You can expect that.

Your people will use this information everywhere in their lives. Better decisions with food start here.  The next step is to drop me an email and tell me what you need.


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